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Our Rules & Restrictons

  1. assemble@work Players are renting time on Assemble's dedicated network, software and system, as provided; Assemble/assemble@work does not rent, lease, license or sublicense any gaming or non-gaming software; as a condition of such time-rental access, assemble@work Players must accept all of the Rules & Restrictions from time-to-time published by assemble@work.

  2. All charges are paid in cash or credit card and in advance of any playing; the screen will prompt assemble@work coworkers and gamers when the pre-paid time is up;

  3. Refunds are only allowed more than 12 hours in advance of a booking or as a result of a complete power/network failure for more than 45 minutes in any given day.

  4. assemble@work gamers are encouraged to bring in their friends for playing, or for simple viewing; provided there is sufficient floor space

  5. All assemble@work gamers must initially check in with staff before unpacking equipment, plugging devices in or prior to renting any of assemble@work's hardware.

  6. assemble@work does not take any responsibility for damage, loss or theft of any property brought or left on or in the assemble/assemble@work property when it opens or after it closes for the day or night. Assemble/assemble@work shall not be responsible for any damages to or loss of data or equipment caused by power outages or power surges at any time.

  7. assemble@work coworkers and gamers are encouraged to make reservations by credit card or pre-payment of cash; reservations assure station/seating availability; once the reserved time begins, the assigned station/seat will be open and ready to accommodate the coworker/gamer. Reservations, unless specified otherwise in writing, begin at the opening of the co-working/gaming day and last until scheduled close or when staff decides to end events.

  8. assemble@work gamers are highly motivated, extremely dexterous, exceedingly alert, atypically skilled, computer athletes, strategists and warriors and, therefore, readily accept that:
    A. No personal attacking is allowed in the assemble@work studio;
    B. No drug use is permitted in or about the Assemble/assemble@work studio or on the building property nor are any persons allowed access who are under the influence of these;
    C. No smoking is permitted in the assemble@work building; and
    D. No game-related physical contact is permitted whatsoever, unless acceptable to the recipient (e.g., high-fives or handshakes);
    E. No downloading of any adult materials is permitted at assemble@work;
    F. No abuse whatsoever will be permitted to equipment used in assemble@work and belonging to assemble@work.

  9. The assemble@work staff encourages suggestions and comments from each coworker, gamer, viewer or visitor.

  10. No assemble@work coworker or gamer may begin using the space until they have read these rules which may change from time-to-time without notice. The assemble@work Rules And Restrictions are from time-to-time published so that each assemble@work may achieve their optimum goals in an atmosphere highly conducive to these goals and the assemble@work greatly appreciates the quality and integrity of all its Players, Members, and Viewers.

  11. Assemble/assemble@work, it's partners and staff reserve the right to deny facility access and privileges to assemble@work coworkers, gamers, visitors or any persons who do not accept or who violate any of these Rules & Restrictions. No waiver of the applicability of any Rule & Restriction at any one time shall constitute a waiver of any future applicability.